Feedback From My Clients


All testimonials are posted as anonymous to protect client's privacy

Becca is truly gifted. She gave me a clear and concise reading that was really spot on.

Becca is a wonder! Gifted, quick & open. Compassionate, generous of spirit. She delivers a very thorough reading and makes sure she is well understood. I was uplifted by her as she gave me confidence to continue on my path. Nonjudgmental she saw my concern as a whole and not just for its more questionable parts. She is very easy to speak to! Fun loving & compassionate. I shall call her again, I highly recommend her! Thank you, Becca!

I had my second reading with Becky, and she is TRULY amazing. She quickly pick up on me from the previous reading. I have spend a lot of money in psychics and here in C.P too over the past months regarding this stubborn guy who I am in love with. She predicted that he will be contacting me in a couple of months if I leave him alone now. I'll just wait patiently and hope her predictions do come true. Thank You so much Becky for giving me peace.

I just had a nice reading with Becky, she is very sweet and soft spoken person. She will tell you want she sees and hears rather it is good or bad news and I like that about her. She answered all my questions with no hesitation and tries to explain why things are going the way they are...Try her!

Becky is theeeee BEST!! Just amazing! Really cool, down to earth, straight foward, and the most coolest person to speak to about future endeavors! She speaks into existence! She tells it like it is and hold nothing back! She is the best I have spoken to and I have spoken to three times! She is spot on with her predictions and I would reccommend her to anyone looking for the accurate TRUTH! She is my new BFF!

Becky amazes me every time I call. Her abundant gifts and skills effortlessly enhance the readings. She accurately pinpoints the problem, direction and answer. I never feel like a second is wasted-- and she has a wonderful sense of humor!

Becky is absolutely amazing and she's the real deal! Back in June when I asked her about a job, she gave me details about a move I was supposed to make in August without my boyfriend. I didn't believe it at first, but sure enough, when August came around, my boyfriend and I broke up and I ended up moving back to my home state. I've been talking to Becky for a while and her predictions really do come true!

Becky is awesome. She is kind and considerate. She taps into feeling right away. She blew my mind with her accuracy about when my ex would reach out and call. I never asked, but she said she could feel her reaching out to touch my face. Two days later, I got a text from my ex. I would recommend her to anyone looking to get a reading. She is very pleasant.

OMG! Becky you are awesome! She hit the nail on the head with the situation I'm in and pin pointed a characteristic of my friend and said that this is what he's doing without me even telling her!! AMAZING! Becky is very sweet, caring, and kind. She makes you feel at home. Try her, she dosen't waste your time.

I don't know how she does it, but Becky has accurate answers for all kinds of questions! I feel a sense of peace as she guides and empowers me.