Feedback From My Clients


All testimonials are posted as anonymous to protect client's privacy

She is sweet fast and picks up accurately, does not waste anytime very clear and sharp.

She does not waste anytime and she was pleasant and reassuring. Thanks.

Becky is always a charm. Loved talking to her. She knows her stuff.

She was very good and to the point. She didn't waste any time and during the reading. She told me the person in question would contact me by the end of the weekend and he did.

I can't wait for her predication to come true.

I have been reading with Becky for years, and I cannot say enough good things about her. I generally do not ask her for specific yes/no predictions because my need is more about clarifying my own reads on situations. I love just finding out about what she feels about certain topics and where she feels that will go which just seems to bring out the best for both of us. I love her clear and uncomplicated style. You should try her!

I don't care that you have multiple testimonials from me. It doesn't make them any less true! Keep up the great work that you do. You are a treasure. For those looking for a person who is grounded and real to guide them, Becky won't disappoint you. She does her work straight from her heart, but she makes predictions that are grounded in practicality. You deserve to be praised for your contribution, (humble) Becky!

Becky was fantastic! So down to earth, easy to talk to and connect with. I've had many readings with many predictions that haven't come true, so I know who's the best. Her prediction came true the next day! Blessings to you Becky and thank you for sharing your gift.

Becky is always grounded, real and you just know what she is telling you is what it is. I appreciate that she is only scheduled when she is ready to read for us. She has integrity. Thanks Becky for having been a part of my journey I am truly blessed.

Becca was very kind! She took off running, great reading. She understood my problem and told me things I'd never imagined! I hope to see if she is right in about two weeks! She has an amazing ability to tap right into my issues. Now I sit back and wait but with hope and now sitting around keeping busy and happy! Thanks Becca.