Feedback From My Clients


All testimonials are posted as anonymous to protect client's privacy

I spoke with Becky on the spur of the moment desire to find some peace about personal relationship. I felt connected immediately and comfortable with Becky's straightforward honest manner of speaking. I felt calmer and informed. I plan to speak with her again. She was very helpful.

Becky was great. She was so in tuned with what was going on with me. My mouth dropped open several times. She was so on the money with what was going on. She also was pretty close with what would happen next. Thank you Becky.

Her readings were spot on and very encouraging, She was also very sweet and I suggest that any and everyone try her.

For me she was very intuitive and so far right on the money. I will be talking to her again today if possible. I really enjoyed her reading and felt good behind it. Thank you so much. Hope to talk to you soon.

I love Becky! If you are lucky enough to catch her, you won't be disappointed! She has always been right on the money. The best thing about her besides her accuracy and her upbeat but very grounded manner is that she doesn't seem to overextend herself, and therefore, she is always fresh and balanced in her readings! One time I asked her what I should do about something, and she paused and then said, "Nothing." She was right! Thank you, Becky!

I felt sooo connected to Becky. A true gem.

Awesome! Timelines to follow! Restored my faith, said a few things that were reassuring and promising... We will see! Very fast, accurate about my lifestyle! She's awesome!!! Thank you Becky!

What a beautiful person!!!! So easy to talk to and am confident of her accuracy. Could talk to her all day. Thank you Becky.

She was quick and to the point. Did not waste any time!

Very down to earth, funny .. very good reading, She is accurate on what's going on in my life will definitely be reading with her again.