Feedback From My Clients


All testimonials are posted as anonymous to protect client's privacy

She is my one and only. She has given me very consistent advice each time that I have talked to her. She is also great at checking for things that you may not think to ask and she has given me a lot of comfort in the past few months with all of the changes and difficulties that I have had in my life. Thanks Becca, you are the greatest!

I trust her explicitly and believe in her gift. She continues to be consistent and directs me in the correct path to take. I will continue to follow her advice.

Becca has always been there when I have needed to bounce off questions and concerns. She is non judgmental and is comfortable to speak with about any situation. I highly suggest Becca's readings, you will feel so much better after a reading with her.

Becca is a warm and sincere person. She was able to explain reasons why things happened in a current situation from a different perspective I never considered. Her timelines on predictions have come to pass accurately, and I look forward to seeing the rest of them unfold in the near future. I feel like I was talking to a good friend. She makes you feel comfortable and picks up right where you left off.

Becca is unbelievable! She kept telling me that the love of my life would come to me. I certainly had my doubts as I just couldn't see it happening. Her prediction has come to pass and right at the time she said it would. It just blows my mind. I am beyond happy and ever so thankful for Becca!

Becca is one cool girl. She will make you feel fantastically centered and will lighten your load. She is very confident in what she does and will inspire that in you too as what she tells you will come true. She's a great person, both fun and serene.

This is the first time I spoke to Becca, and all I can say is that she is amazing. She was right on the money with my situation and she is such a nice and funny person. I will call her back soon.

Becca was quick to ease my mind about a dispute I had with someone. She assured me that it was actually a good thing, because he has now started a deeper thought process about us. He knows that he did not treat me properly and he will man up within the next few weeks; if I stand my ground and do not call him. He is scared but love will conquer fear. Becca was compassionate and straight forward. Her kind insight and advice was greatly appreciated.

Becca was grounded, focused, honest, and upbeat. She was accurate on many things, which felt very validating, and I felt energized and positive at the end of the reading. Definitely check her out.

Had my first reading with Becca. I was very impressed. She saw that my ex had stomach issues due to stress, and that is true. I find her to be accurate and a very nice person. I will call her again. Thank you Becca!