Hello, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Becca Robin. I'm a natural born, empathic, metaphysical practitioner. A clairvoyant also gifted with being clairaudient along with clairsentience.

I've been reading professionally for nearly twenty-five years, and have performed over twenty thousand readings.

There is no judgment here, only a down to earth, very open mind. As I channel information from the Universe, I also give you the ease and comfort as talking with a friend. My readings are meant to enlighten you. I take my gifts very seriously, keeping readings honest and real to the best of my knowledge.

Known as the "Intuitive's Intuitive" as many of my clients over the years have been Readers also, seeking my guidance. I love helping people understand parts of their lives they may not understand at that present moment. When it comes to life, we all go through different life lessons and realizations. Sometimes we all need a little guidance. I look forward to connecting with you.

The answer is Love.

Things you should do for a reading

Have an open mind.

Remember I'm only the messenger.

Have your questions written down.

Take notes.

Thoughts to keep in mind

You can always change a reading by free will.

Remember everyone has free will.

Be open & receptive for the reading.

Breathe and try not to be nervous.

Psychic Reading Call Journal


Have your questions ready for your reading and record your thoughts on the answers with this printable Call Journal
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What Does This All Mean?



An intuitive discussion to help to put situations in perspective and gain insight.

Someone who practices New Age and Holistic practices. "Metaphysical" means quite literally "beyond the physical".

Someone who instinctively uses what one feels to be true within one's self. Having the ability to know and understand things without proof.

The power to make one's own decisions or choices at any time.

Someone who senses emotions and energy from others.

Someone who receives information visually from within the mind's eye.

Someone who has a heightened sense for perceiving information through energy throughout the entire body. Senses environs, feelings, energy from people, animals, places, spirits, or things. Has a good sense of if something feels right or not.

The ability to hear sounds or voices beyond the reach of ordinary experience or capacity. Channeling through a higher source.

Allowing the higher source to use an intuitive' s mind and body to channel information.