Feedback From My Clients


All testimonials are posted as anonymous to protect client's privacy

It's kind of freaky how well she works. Becca has been the most consistently correct of all of the psychics I've talked to. I'm finding that I wanted to talk to her to get a read on people after a few uncomfortable social events, and even when I didn't believe her, she tended to be right. More recently I have found myself returning to her for her incredible ability to pinpoint whether and when I'm going to hear from someone again. She hasn't been off once the last few times I've called. She seems truly gifted, and she's deeply sweet, too.

I have read many psychics, but boy, never has any one of them had such an impact on me as Becca! She helped me understand a love interest better than anyone. She was so confident about her prediction that I had butterflies in my stomach because I truly felt that everything she was telling me would come to pass! My favorite psychic by far! Well worth it.I spoke with Becca for the first time today. I really needed to get some input on a dilemma I'm having. I am so glad I did. She is clear and concise. I know her reading is just a confirmation of what I know and feel to be forthcoming.

Becca is the most loving, warm, sensitive reader that I have talked to in a long time. She tuned right in and zoomed in on the situation. She wasted no time and spared no details. I sporadically check out psychics and I was not familiar with Becca but she is my first and only choice.

Becca is great. Really clear and easy to communicate with. I feel she picked up on the people I was asking about with ease. Her predictions for what is coming down the pike are inspiring and I hope they come to pass. I feel Becca is gifted and doesn't feel the need to prolong the time for her own gain. When the information is given and your questions are answered, she is done. I really appreciate that about her along with her easy-going personality. Get a reading with Becca soon. My predictions say she will be among the top psychics. Thanks, Becca!

Becca was great! I've read with many good psychics and Becca is right up there! I was truly impressed. I am definitely calling her back!

I just had a combined 70-minute reading with Becca for the first time. I chose to read with her because I had read another testimonial. I felt that Becca was genuine and that she really felt the convictions of her reading for me and I also felt a connection with her. I will now be anxiously waiting to see if the timelines she predicted will come to pass. Somehow I believe they will. Thank you Becca.

My call to Becca was so enlightening and full of information. I read some of the other testimonials and saw the one about how she picked up on the complexity or difficulty of a specific client's situation (Mine is exactly the same with so many details and things that go into it that it frustrates me sometimes to explain it). I've only had one other reader on here pick up on it aside from Becca. Becca went right into our reading with a simple question to start off and next thing I knew she was reading him and our situation like she was right there. She even asked me questions to validate or confirm things that were happening and I was like "YES, oh my God I could never really explain that to anyone, you just hit the nail on the head". She provided great predictions that were also exactly inline with my other favorite reader, I just really love Becca's sweet kind voice, calm personality, and the way she puts you at ease making you feel like she's right there with you. Becca I will definitely be back to read with you as I keep my fingers crossed that your waiting list isn't hours long with everyone knowing how great you are!

As many of us, I have my favorite psychics but sometimes they aren't available so I decided to talk with Becca and I was so happy I did! She not only was kind and compassionate, she gave me additional validation to my situation that my other reader had given me in the past. I am so glad to have another friend to reach out to. Thank you, Becca!

I have had two wonderful readings with Becca. She is going to be very popular! Thank you, Becca!

I have been reading with Becca about my personal and professional situation for the last month or so and I am very satisfied , she is one of the best I have come across! Thanks.