Feedback From My Clients


All testimonials are posted as anonymous to protect client's privacy

I read with Becca for the first time and found her to be outstanding. Her reading confirmed the readings of some of the best psychics. I respect her abilities and found her to be kind, professional and caring. I highly would recommend her and will read with her again.

Becca has always been there when I have needed to bounce off questions and concerns. She is non judgmental and is comfortable to speak with about any situation. I highly suggest Becca's readings, you will feel so much better after a reading with her.Wonderful, wonderful psychic!

Becca has been getting more and more accurate with her readings over the past several months, which is amazing in itself. I have talked to her long enough to finally know that what she is telling me is the truth and not some made up story based on what she thought I would want to hear. She is one of the greatest things that I have found in my life and I am blessed to know her.

I trust her explicitly and believe in her gift. She continues to be consistent and directs me in the correct path to take. I will continue to follow her advice.She is my one and only. She has given me very consistent advice each time that I have talked to her. She is also great at checking for things that you may not think to ask and she has given me a lot of comfort in the past few months with all of the changes and difficulties that I have had in my life. Thanks Becca, you are the greatest!

Becca was very intuitive and straight forward. It was a good reading.Wow! First reading with Becca and she is wonderful. Before the reading I was extremely nervous, upset and an emotional wreck. Now I am calmer with a clearer understanding of what to expect. Becca immediately picked up on the people around me and our connections. She gave me timelines of when to expect certain things to occur. Will definitely call Becca again.

Becca is amazing. So genunine. Very gifted psychic. She was telling me about the guy in my life and then when we discussed my son, she was right on the mark! Thank you Becca.

This one is a rock star! She is warm, lighthearted but whip smart and very direct. Doesn't waste any time and best of all doesn't ask for a birth date. She had my situation within seconds and I have pages of notes from my 20 minute reading. Best of all, I felt at peace and enlightened when I hung up the phone. I will definitely be calling her again!

I think Becca is great. It was like she was inside my head and knew some of the things that were happening. She is a good psychic.

Becca is truly one of the best. After asking her a few questions about my heartbreaking situation, she honed right in and was truly quick and accurate about many details, it was very scary! She will not waste your time. I feel Becca is a very gifted and genuine psychic and doesn't feel the need to prolong the time for her own gain. I really appreciate that about her along with her sweet voice, calm personality, and the way she puts you at ease.

Becca is one of the best. I have had a lot of concerns lately but she put them all to rest. She gave me the peace I was looking for. Becca is truly the real deal. She is talented and knows her stuff. Thanks for all your help, Becca.